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When We Empower Each other

The idea started when I wanted to organised one Pop Up shop with three other business women in Seattle, Washington. With this ideas in mind #bossladies was founded. Our business grew so fast in one year and we all knew it was the love, support, help and encouragement we were giving to each other. When I moved to Zürich in 2017 #bossladies was steel alive in my heart. So after connecting with different women entrepreneurs in the city I decided it was time to create a platform with designer and business women with the desire to lift and support each other. Provide events that help us to grow as a business women. Collaborate in different projects and be there everytime we are in need each other for support. I want to celebrate the creativity, passion and power that each woman has. I want #bossladies Zürich to encourage other women to continue following their dreams in the world of entrepreneurs

Dennisse Kunz
Founder of CITRUS by Kunz at
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