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The idea of creating Bossladies with designers and business women is a dream come true. We want to celebrate the creativity, passion and power that each woman has. We want Bossladies to encourage other women to continue following their dreams in the world of entrepreneurs

What is Bossladies?

Bossladies shall have the objective of fostering a trusted community for women entrepreneurs who are active in the creative field. The Association en- courages its members to exchange best practices and experiences and to share their knowledge and network.




The word WE is extremely important to us. We care for each other, we support each other and we cheer for each other. We want that each member have the same love and passion of supporting other women entrepreneurs. In our community their is no space for competition or individual thinking. We think as a community. 

How to be Part

of Bossladies?

We have a Sponsor Membership that allows you to participate in all events. Sponsor Membership economically supports the events. We also work with different sponsors who contribute with their knowledge, spaces for events, drinks, meals and gifts. In each event we have between 20-24 participants to guarantee the quality of the event, time and connections. For that reason, we have a limit of 22 sponsor members per year. When we have the additional space, we invite subscribers for a fee.

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