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Colleagues Working Together



Tuesday, Jun 21, 2022
19.30  -  22.00 
Abril Arevalo Founder of Glopser

The art of negotiation is as dynamic as the human being himself.

Negotiations can be charged with emotions that have a direct impact on the final deal.

We will practice to improve day-to-day negotiations, whether to improve a situation, the service you receive or your relationships.  To do this, we will discuss the basic principles, techniques and strategies of negotiation and perform a few practical exercises that we can quickly implement in our daily lives.


Let's improve our communication skills and expand our vision of human nature!

Sponsors: Glopser, AreYouVeda and Simply Soup

Designer's World




with Paz Arbalejo

Thursday, May 4, 2022
19.30  -  21.30 

The importance of brand visibility in an increasingly competitive digital environment: key digital terms and advertising formats.


It is very easy to get lost among all the options available to us. What is best for me? Do I really need a digital marketing strategy? Do I know the advantages of my product/service and my target?


Let's talk about it!

By Invitation Only

Sponsors: Westhive and Simply Soup




Thursday, Feb 10, 2022
19.30  -  22.00 
online with Ariane Tavakol

Your personal Brand matters….

Because it’s so much more than a logo or a website! 

Because it’s not a pastime. 

Because it’s the window to your world, to your unique gift and contribution. 

Because it’s your Why.

And because you want the 2,340 weekends you’ve got left to mean something.

If you’re now 35 and live to be 80, you’ll have 2,340 weekends left and some of them won’t probably count for much. In reality that’s not a lot!


So what are you waiting for? Come on, put on those running shoes and take your first step….and sign up for my workshop on February 10th!


An hour is not a lot of time but enough to give you the tools you need to determine who your brand is and what he/she (or they) stands for. There’s really no better time than now to reacquaint with your brand and do what it takes to bring him/her (or them) back to life. All you need is a good understanding and strategy.


Come and join us!

 Ariane Tavakol

By Invitation Only

Speakers: Discover Out Loud

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