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Animazul is a Swiss e-Commerce platform for Latin American fashion design brands with a story and impact. The company was born from the idea to bring the craftsmanship, love for detail, art, quality, uniqueness, colors, textures and masterpieces from Latin American fashion designers and brands to the European market.

ARTHA Collections

Artha Collections is a social enterprise working with small communities of artisans to create interior decor and personal accessories.  Founded in 2015 by mother - daughter team Catherine and Claire Grigioni , Artha works closely with its artisan partners to help  maintain their  craft traditions and provide a sustainable source of income.  High quality linen throw pillows and table linens as well as hand-woven wool rugs form the core of the home collection.  Hand woven shawls and block printed accessories round out the brand's offerings.

Made by hand, in small batches - Truly artisan made products with a purpose! 

Private Parties
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Jennifer and Ramona founders of atelier zweigestalten an interior architecture office based in Lucerne, now has merge with rahelandron a photography agency since 2021. Creating a new creative studio name Jennifer and Ramona - describe their work as “architecture from interior to exterior”. With an eye for that certain something, their creativity and organization skills, the two interior architects create interior concepts for private and public spaces. The focus of the projects is always the users and their needs, the appropriate materials, suitable lights and perfectly matched furniture. atelier zweigestalten accompanies a project from the design to the realisation on the building site.

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atelier PARSMEI

Mauritius born entrepreneur Darshana Salvisberg founded Atelier Parsmei as an ethical, sustainable and socially conscious label.  Whilst raising her two inspiring girls Darshana experienced the invincible bond between mother and child. This enlightening interconnection serves as the principal force for the label’s philosophy and the basis of its collections, and is manifested within the brand’s name ParsMei as in Latin, it means “part of me”. Darshana strongly believes that both Mother and Child ‘Mommy & Me’ can wear and enjoy luxury pieces that are respectful in their production and benefits future generations.

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BLOOM Muesli

Bloom Muesli is a brand founded by Rommy Munoz. She have developed different recipes of Muesli that are connected to women menstrual cycles. The different types of Muesli helps to balance the hormones in every stage of the monthly cycles


Francesca Poggi is a graphic designer that have worked with big designer brands in Italy. Now she is opening her own design studio very soon. Stay Tuned for more about Bright Line Graphic Design Studio.

CITRUS by Kunz

How nice it would be to live in a place where the sun always shines and all the colors in nature match with each other. This is the feeling we want to evoke when people are looking at our designs. The Terracotta Pots are handmade in Italy by a group of locals and carefully hand-painted by me here in Zurich. By combining the resulting designs with the various shapes, we offer a beautiful collection of unique pieces that offers something for every taste.

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Meet Dr. Vanessa Craig, founder of Formetta, and board member of #bossladies Zürich. Vanessa is a biomedical research doctor and for more than a decade she actively researched how inflammation and environmental factors influence gene activity. 

Vanessa didn’t set out to start a nutraceutical company but as a biomedical researcher she couldn’t ignore the scientifically-proven effects of collagen. When she couldn’t find trustworthy collagen supplements with clinically-relevant amounts of key ingredients, Vanessa developed Formetta balanced, effective, and convenient daily collagen supplement.

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Ganimete is a very talented architectural drafter who has worked in New York City and Zurich, Switzerland. She has an amazing eye for interior and fashion design. Ganimete has travelled to Bali, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, Japan, all over Europe and many more places. These trips around the world have had a great influence on her taste and design style. On top of that, Ganimete loves to support and help others. She has a beautiful heart and is full of kindness. We could not be more proud to have Ganimete as part of our community.

home & fleur

Home & Fleur is a new online lifestyle store with beautiful items with a tender feeling for your everyday life. We see the beauty in simplicity and love flowers and nature-inspired designs. We appreciate handmade and select beautifully made, unique items. Our goal is to transmit calm and tenderness and we hope our products will get you in a peaceful and dreamy mood.

Jenny Mayfield Photography

Jenny Mayfield is a portrait photographer in Zürich, Switzerland. Her photoshoots welcome clients into a relaxing, fun and modern environment to create photographs that will be printed, framed and shared.  She began her photography career working with humanitarian organizations and health NGOs in Africa and Asia, where she fell in love with photographing women and children. Her work from those years of travel was widely published across American media. Jenny's style creates natural, real portraits that convey the strength and emotion of individuals and relationships, while intentionally promoting the talent of women and girls. Her work provides fine art for business owners, entrepreneurs, mothers, children, dancers and humanitarian organizations.  Her studio is in Seefeld / Tiefenbrunnen, Zürich.

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Kiosk Agency is a progressive and pioneering communication agency founded by Julie Maio.​

Based in Zurich and with a strong connection to the French speaking part of Switzerland, Kiosk Agency builds long lasting relationships with brands, journalists and key opinion leaders.​ Their expertise in communication, public and press relations, social media and events has enabled us to work with many interesting national and international brands. As a young and dynamic team, they adapt quickly to the constant evolution of the industry.


While I am always experimenting and coming up with new recipes, the goal remains the same. To bring my dream of a vegan, artisan, high-end bean to bar chocolate company to life.

Leah Mosquera Photography

My photography has been an incredible positive outlet giving me time for myself to experience a moment, notice it in fine detail, feel good about its simplicity and the emotion attached along with it, and not having any worries about anything beyond that exact moment. It has taken some time to realize and understand its power, but falling into whatever you find a passion for can give you this sort of release, its positive effects will reach you on so many levels.

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Linda Wieland

She is an adventurous woman who loves to experience the world with her family and friends. All these wonderful experiences have allowed her to develop an eye for beauty and plenty of creativity. Linda is also a very talented event organizer. Her most recent work was the «Geri Borer Photography Exhibition». Managing everything from logistics and marketing to decoration, Linda has put together a wonderful and successful event. Despite her incredible talent, organizing events remains a side job for Linda that allows her to pursue her passion. She also works full time at FELFEL and enjoys every minute of it.

My Moroccan Rug

Meet Khalida! She is the founder and owner of My Moroccan Rug. A wonderful company that produce the highest quality of wool rugs. My Moroccan Rug allows Khalida to stay connected to her roots, while also giving her the opportunity to collaborate with inspiring local women. For Khalida, the Moroccan carpet is the most generous and the most beautiful of the carpets ... She is so proud of this craft and so proud of the work of these women.

RoseKin Cosmetics

Jessica Gross is the founder of daily makeup routine with SPF 50+ RoseKin Cosmetics.  RoseKin Cosmetics was born, based on a passion to protect people from harmful UV-rays, with makeup. We believe we can do so much more with makeup than only to get a flawless look. ⁣ Let's upgrade your makeup routine with skincare benefits and anti-aging benefits.

With RoseKin Cosmetics, you will gain far more than just the benefits of standard traditional makeup. We develop makeup to also promote healthy skin. To enhance your daily makeup routine, we combine active ingredients with colour cosmetics to provide the added benefits of treatment, protection, prevention and correction.

Raum Reolon

Reolon Room is more than a furniture store. With a special flair for living and furnishing and with 13 years of experience as an interior designer, Robine Reolon transforms rooms into a loving home, an inspiring office or a place of wellbeing. Individual room concepts are created according to needs. From on-site advice to implementation.

Saskia Baer

Saskia Baer creates innovative and individual solutions. As a business educator, HR learning professional, systemic coach, trainer and a doctor in leadership development, she brings conceptual skills, methodical strength, resource and solution orientation, specialist knowledge and a lot of experience in various contexts.

Saskia is a fan of co-creation, prototyping and lateral thinking, is convinced that more is always possible than we dare to do and with her enthusiasm and motivating nature is able to make products and services even better and more holistic.


Nina and Stefanie are the founders of Schoen & Recht. A store that partner with different labels that are small and local that value fair and sustainable production.  


Among other things, there are fair-produced home accessories, furniture, clothes and jewelry to discover. At beautiful & right you will find special products with personality - such as beautiful high-quality bags or handcrafted ceramic products that are both elegant and suitable for everyday use.

Photo Credit: helloZurich

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Soft Condesa

Abril Arevalo founder of Soft Condesa,  offers a space for unique objects made by contemporary artisans and designers that you can appreciate and love, supporting, at the same time, an ancient work and their communities. Their aim is to connect cultures, promote art and design thru a dynamic offer as a concept as well as a developed platform to promote the brands and the story behind them.

Soft Condesa helps responsible brands reach other markets so that they can continue to leave a positive footprint on the planet.

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Simply Soup

Assem Klammsteiner is the creator and founder of Simply Soup. They want to make tasty but healthy fast food accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime! 

Simply Soup believes that every meal should be prepared like at home, with love and only with the freshest seasonal ingredients. This is the best way for the body to absorb all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. With a healthy body it lives happier and this is exactly what we want.


STEINLINS is offering exclusive 925 sterling silver jewelry for women, cufflinks and accessories for men and beautiful jewelry for children as well as mothers-daughters collections. Our handmade pieces are crafted with highest quality and impress with simplicity and timeless elegance. The two founders, Fabienne and Beatrice, combine innovative and sustainable materials such as white mammoth teeth, black jet fossil wood or the brown-speckled raffia nut, to create jewelry that is unique and you fall in love with instantly.


Tasty Pictures was founded in San Francisco, California in 2009. Passion is the thing, which is behind our auspicious track record of creating great stories with that big screen groove. Our audiences should gain value and understanding from their experience with our work –  we aren’t afraid to cry, laugh or sing in the rain.

XIXI Floral Prints

XIXI Floral Botanical Prints was founded in 2019 by Zizi Celik. Zizi makes unique floral and botanical monoprints in her home studio in Zug. These are originally hand-printed, using fresh flowers and foliage. The brand offers high-quality limited edition wall art prints, art cards, and greeting cards.

XIXI’s unique and fresh designs are carefully selected to complement any interior. The wall art prints are available in various designs and colors, and in different sizes.

ZeoT Zurich

ZeoT is the main activity of Yallaalia Dance Productions GmbH, headed by dancer & choreographer Alia Mckenzie-Murdoch. Alongside the dance studio, Alia is active in empowering women through performance projects & related dance events.  At Zeot we aim to inspire and encourage you to learn belly dancing in fun and rewarding classes. We believe that by learning to dance, you'll begin to move through life differently.

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